About Us

We are a prepaid cards & payments technology enterprise. We offer the most innovative, user friendly and fast pre-paid payments services. We enable immediate disbursement of loans for varied personal and business use via our online portal and user-friendly app.

We activate digital wallet that ensures seamless, cashless technology aided transactions that you can manage anytime from anywhere. With minimum documentation and quick yet thorough authentication, we help you enjoy banking with ease.

We ensure a totally safe transaction using ultra safe channels and uber secure links. We passionately work towards making credit banking more intuitive and accessible.

Now partnering with Omanye and bringing an app on Play store which makes your efforts towards getting acquainted with our services that much easier.


To make digital credit payment systems seamless with easy onboarding, world class integration and featured to customer advantage check outs. To bring more and more people under the umbrella by using manageable credit evaluation metrics.


To make loans available to a larger population, sans the delays and uncalled for protocol that prevents the new to credit younger populace from availing this facility. To make credit evaluation and processing a hassle-free process followed by friendly payment schedules.