Instalments those are manageable

Have an appetite for the living life king size? And why not, YOLO for sure.

There are times when your heart is set on acquiring that, oh so mind blowing attire, and that’s exactly when the dough is needed elsewhere. Should that be a dampener to your aspirations? Not when we are around.

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Annoyed with the buffering and time outs during payment? Not anymore.

There are times when you are in a hurry and want to get done with the online transaction before the deadline. The detailed security levels that come with a card and the speed and comfort of an app, is just the right combination to mitigate the endless delays that vex Read More

Digital sans complications

Have there been times you wished you shouldn’t really have opted for digital? The glut of apps on your phone concerns you? Manoeuvring through a payment platform becomes so tedious that one wishes to go back to the stone-age ways. We understand your sentiment.

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Biometric sign ins

Oh, that cumbersome password puzzle on secure financial login pages ? Handling the umpteen passwords while using cards for payments can be quite a nightmare. And trusting anyone or any site with our passwords for financial transactions is a big no-no. Apps are better we think, but the security concern keeps us worried. What if you can have the cake and eat it too?

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We are a prepaid cards & payments technology enterprise. We offer the most innovative, user friendly and fast pre-paid payments services. We enable immediate disbursement of loans for varied personal and business use via our online portal and ingenious BNPL card.

We activate a digital wallet that ensures seamless, cashless technology aided transactions that you can manage anytime from anywhere. With minimum documentation and quick yet thorough authentication, we help you enjoy banking with ease. We enable a payment card like none other, that ensures a totally secure transaction using ultra safe channels and uber secure links. We passionately work towards making credit banking more intuitive and accessible.

Now introducing our app on Play store Omanye which makes your efforts towards getting acquainted with our services that much easier.)


  • Shopping and bill paying comes under liabilities in Accounts, right?
  • And a liability reads as ‘NoFun’. With Omanye things can be different.
  • Make one trip to our walk-in store or better still one swipe of our card and you are sorted. No more guilt trips, anytime.
  • What is more interesting is that with each spend you are earning too. A single swipe will bring to you a plethora of benefits and mouth-watering deals. Leverage the goodness of seasonal offers, mind boggling discounts, lucrative cash backs and delayed payments by using our card and rest in the knowledge that shopping using our card will not create a hole in your pocket.
  • Who is it that said you can’t have the best of both the worlds?
  • With Omanye you might just have to re-write the adage.


With a 24/7 helpline we hand hold you as you progress through the transactions.

From getting started to the final checkout, we are with you. We are your go-to resource for anytime, anywhere money needs.

Tap, Tap: What’s there? Omanye! Can’t Be, For Omanye, you tap only once.